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    The First Digital Asset Platform
    for Financial institutions

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    A comprehensive solution that includes all aspects for a financial institution to offer digital assets

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    Working with regulated
    Financial institutions

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    Risks Free

    No exposure to digital assets rates
    No risks, just gains !

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Platform for Financial institutions

Crymbo Allows financial institutions to Easily offer various digital assets, Regulated, Risks free, Globally


CLEAN network of  regulated financial institutions

Creative Liquidity

New, Creative and Cheaper sources of Liquidity !

Risks Free

A state of the art platform, with no exposure to digital assets' volatility!


Innovative concept that allows ANY licensed financial institution to join

Digital Assets - Holistic Solution by Crymbo

Tech Platform

State of the Art platform


Working with regulated FIs


Cheaper and Clean Liquidity


Tax calculation embedded


Full KYC & AML (Digital Asset)


Fits ANY licensed institution

Crymbo is Disruptive !

Enabling New Players to Join

Allowing Any financial institution to offer various digital assets, in a regulated manner, cheaper, easier, globally !

Creating New Liquidity Sources

New sources !
Creative source !
Cheaper source of Liquidity !

Allowing immediate Settlement

Immediate mean of settlement to allow immediate transaction at a known rate
Globally !

Creating Better Rates

Locating the best rate through thousands of sources !

Global and Regulation

A Global network of Regulated financial institutions, according to local regulation 

Better End Customer Accessibility

Multiple sources, Local, Easier, Cheaper, Better end-customer accessibility, that enables easier on-boarding and purchasing


Lead the Way with Digital Assets

It's clear that Digital Assets are Here To Stay !
There is a huge Potential as 99% of world's population haven't acquired digital assets !

Crymbo believes Financial institutions, could and should lead this evolution, as they are an essential part of the financial system.

Crymbo's concept removes all entry barriers and allows Any financial institution to offer various digital assets, without any risks, while covering all aspects (Tech, Liquidity, Compliance, Security, KYC, AML, Customer experience...)


Offering a new and clean source of liquidity, allowing financial institutions to offer the cheapest asset ! 


A Holistic state of the art, secured, SaaS white-labeled solution, allows easy on-boarding and integration options


A Global network of
Regulated financial institutions, according to local regulation 

various digital assets
Join Crymbo Now !

Crymbo creates better customer accessibility to digital assets !

Founder / CEO
Tal Amram

20 years of managerial experience with global companies; Previous experience as CEO and VP of Software, Media and Startup companies

Eyal Daskal

Serial entrepreneur, 15 years of experience with financial companies and Fintech startups

Advisory Board member
Mr. Shy Datika

A recognized leader in the global financial industry; 25 years of capital markets experience
Entrepreneur, Founder and Fintech expert
focusing on Crypto & blockchain solutions

Advisory board member
Dr. Boaz Barack

A recognized leader in the global financial industry; 30 years of International Banking Experience; focusing on New Age Banking and digital & blockchain solutions 

State of the Art, Creative, Robust !

Holistic, Secured, Trusted, Scalable Technology !

Holistic Saas platform

Holistic, secured, trusted SaaS platform, that covers all aspects, with no setup fees, and low cost of ownership.

blockchain enabled concept

Smart use of the power of Blockchain, to enable a clean, trusted, network of financial institutions with a mean of settlement embedded 

Our Fiat Marketplace is connected to 2,800 Financial Institutions Globally !

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Our committment

Crymbo is committed to offer its customers
a state of the art, secured, complies with local regulation solution,
combined with exceptional level of service !


Financial institutions,
Join us now, lead the way !

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